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ROBERTA OSTER SACHS, President  is an Emmy Award-winning journalist and communications professional with extensive experience in academia and business, developing communications plans, teaching, and delivering leadership programs. She helps clients develop their creativity, self-confidence, and leadership skills. Roberta is an adjunct faculty member at the Center for Creative Leadership and she teaches at VCU’s Center for Corporate Education. Roberta served for five years as Associate Dean for External Relations at the University of Richmond School of Law where she oversaw communications, PR, the website, publications, event planning and production.

Roberta spent two decades traveling across the US and the world as a producer for NBC, ABC, and CBS Network TV News, covering issues in business, science, politics, human rights, the arts, and education. She worked with reporters including Katie Couric and Ed Bradley and produced stories such as human rights abuses by the Taliban from Afghanistan/Pakistan border, the September 11 terrorist attacks, and a profile of B.B. King (awards list). Roberta taught journalism at Tufts University where she directed the Media and Public Service Program and advised student TV and radio shows.

Roberta earned an MPA from Harvard Kennedy School, and a BS from Georgetown University School of Foreign Service. She was awarded a Knight Professional Journalism Fellowship at Stanford University. Roberta writes for various publications (articles by Roberta) and is an engaging public speaker (SPEECHES & MEDIA 2016 Roberta Oster Sachs).


LISA GOSSELS, Senior Advisor
Lisa is a senior advisor to OSC documentary projects. An Emmy Award-winning filmmaker, she is President of Good Egg Productions, Inc, a New York City-based production company. Lisa’s first film, “The Children of Chabannes,” was called, “one of the most heartening Holocaust films ever made.” Lisa’s second feature documentary, “My So-Called Enemy,”  garnered a CINE Golden Eagle and five film festival awards.

CHELSEA TODER, Editorial Writer
Chelsea is a an attorney and a writer, with experience in documentary filmmaking at the United Nations, reporting and producing for local news, and copy editing.


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