Roberta Oster Sachs has been producing news magazines stories, documentaries, and promotional films for over two decades. This portfolio includes samples from her work at ABC, CBS, and NBC Network News and Channel One News.

King of the Road: B.B King profile with Ed Bradley, CBS
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Ed Bradley interviews the legendary blues man, B.B. King. This Emmy Award-winning piece was produced by Roberta Oster Sachs and edited by Lisa Orlando and Richard Barber for CBS News, “Street Stories” in 1993.

A Special Vision, NBC Dateline with Katie Couric
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Correspondent Katie Couric and Producer Roberta Oster Sachs tell the story of a successful full inclusion program at the Patrick O’Hearn Elementary School in Dorchester, MA. The school’s Principal, Dr. Bill Henderson, who is blind, creates an atmosphere of empowerment, community engagement, and academic excellence, while educating children with disabilities in the same classrooms with regular-ed kids. The piece was awarded an Easter Seals EDI Award for Equity, Diversity and Inclusion.

Heartstrings, NBC Dateline with Jane Pauley
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Correspondent Jane Pauley and Producer Roberta Oster Sachs tell the story of a violin program in Harlem that was saved from budget cuts by a tenacious teacher named Roberta Guaspari. Meryl Streep starred in a Miramax film about this story and the film was nominated for two Academy Awards.

Veil of Tears, NBC Dateline with Sara James
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Producer Roberta Oster Sachs shot the video and produced this story on the border of Afghanistan and Pakistan. She and reporter Sara James follow Zohra Rasekh, a courageous human rights advocate, to a UN refugee camp near Peshawar to witness the impact of the Taliban on Afghan women. They also interview a Taliban supporter who takes a video camera to Afghanistan.

Exxon Valdez Oil Spill, Channel One News
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On the fifth anniversary of the Exxon Valdez oil spill, we return to Prince William Sound, Alaska, to find that the cleanup work is not finished. Oil is discovered inches below the sand and marine life is still in jeopardy. Producer, Roberta Oster Sachs Reporter, Kathy Kronenberger

Black in White America: The Tuskegee Airmen, ABC News
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Roberta Oster Sachs was the Associate Producer for the history segment about the Tuskegee Airmen, a courageous group of all black fighter pilots in World War II. The segment ran as part of a one hour documentary titled “Black in White America.” Senior Producer Claudia Pryor, and Correspondent George Strait.

Ethiopia: Land of Hunger, Channel One News
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Producer Roberta Oster Sachs and Reporter Mark Carter tell the story of the 1991 famine on the border of Ethiopia and Somalia. Over a million people died and thousands were streaming into refugee camps and intensive feeding centers. Volunteer nurses from the Irish relief group, Concern, help the survivors.

Auschwitz Survivors Return, Channel One News
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Auschwitz survivors, Sally and Henry Kaye traveled from England back to Poland to visit the concentration camp they were sent to as children. They tell their stories for future generations.
Producer, Roberta Oster Sachs
Videographer, Marc DeTemple